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The Onion

Thought I would share a few of today's stories from one of my favorite sources of news and comedic relief, The Onion- America's Finest News Source. Their humor always rings so true. Here is President Bush's reaction to the election day news: "Can I stop being President now?" News in brief features this bit on how a black man just received the worst job in the nation:

As part of his duties, the black man will have to spend four to eight years cleaning up the messes other people left behind. The job comes with such intense scrutiny and so certain a guarantee of failure that only one other person even bothered applying for it.
And probably my favorite, is this Election Glossary to help any of us who were a little confused about this ritualistic political process we like to call a presidential campaign. Here are a few of the best:
  • convention: The best four-day-long chance a politically active, overweight Kia salesman from Tulsa has to nail one of them blond Fox anchors.
  • likability-- The degree to which each candidate is able to hide the extent to which he or she is full of shit.
  • platform-- (a) A list of the subjects that candidates are willing to discuss. (b) A raised structure, almost entirely covered by flags, upon which candidates are placed.

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A political high

A historic election. A brilliant campaign. A champion for change. The culmination of a century-and-a-half-long fight for civil rights. That's what everyone was saying today. I feel like this is one of those days I will look back on and try to remember exactly how I felt and what I was thinking. As Oprah took the stage for her show today, her shirt read, "Hope Won." When I logged in to my facebook and twitter accounts this morning I was met with enthusiastic bursts of "Gobama" and "Finally" and "I'm proud!" Even Condoleezza Rice made her voice heard this morning, calling Obama "inspirational" and making note of this "extraordinary step forward."  As Obama inherits a nation troubled in many ways, his tone was one of humility, gratitude, and unification; all things necessary to heal a broken and divided citizenry.  I don't want to downplay the immense tasks ahead or submit to an elementary idealism. But as I listened to John McCain's concession speech I felt a wave of chills come over me as he both recognized the historical significance of this moment and urged Americans, divided as we are over this election, to come together for the prosperity of "the greatest nation on earth." That was then followed a few minutes later by Barack Obama's powerful acceptance speech in front of millions of supporters in Chicago. It moved me from the start as he proclaimed, "If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer." I cannot do it the justice he did, but it was a call for unity and emphasized not not only his supporters, but also those whose vote he did not earn, and how he will be their president too. And perhaps most importantly he spoke:

To those -- to those who would tear the world down: We will defeat you. To those who seek peace and security: We support you. And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright: Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope
After following this election, one that (I just have to say) seemed to go on forever, then voting, and then listening to these powerful speeches, I felt a resounding sense of pride. Proud to be American, proud of Americans for coming out in record numbers and sensing the gravity of this election. Naturally cynical when it comes to politics and bureaucracy, its easy to say it is impossible to make the change Obama has proclaimed, and yet it somehow seems possible. I think we are all yearning for something different, something new to hope in. And I think last night we got a shot at it. No gaurantees, but its a step in the right direction.  #44 will be one to remember. I only wish his grandmother could have lived to see it.

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Entering the world of new media

My interest in pursuing digital video editing and interactive media got some much needed momentum today thanks to my co-worker in NY. Thanks Candice! Now on the to do list:

  • Continue blogging/think of a beat to report on
  • Become familiar with FTP
  • Buy Final Cut Express and start creating some content
  • Work with photoshop, illustrator, and flash
  • Research internship opportunities
Interesting blog of the day: BuzzMachine Quote of the day from Ellen DeGeneres:
I have a message for the next president because we have something in common. He's in charge of a country, I'm in charge of a talk show, he has a mandate, I've been on some man dates back in the 80's...

Can't wait for the election results! GOBAMA!


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Oh where do I start? I've been meaning to start a blog for a long time now, mainly to have a place to put down all the thoughts that roam through my head each day. Nowadays, it seems there are more and more thoughts about my life, the world, and my place in it all. It may end up that I am the only one interested in what ends up here. Regardless, there's just something about putting it out there. I'm at a crossroads right now. Well not really a crossroads, more like I came off of one path (school for the past 17 years) am now staring at at least ten different trails with really no indication of which one to continue down. It is inevitable that some of them will cross or double back at some point, but the initial choice is something that weighs on my mind these days.  Being out of school for 5 months now, I'm feeling the pressure to do something, choose something, become something. With my background of studying the media and my growing obsession with the internet, I'm currently considering a career in new media. Problem is, I feel like I know very little about it, or where I could fit in. Gotta start somewhere. Carpe Diem right? In an effort to preserve my sanity and hopefully bring some clarity, here I will leave the random thoughts, interesting articles, occasional opinions, exciting happenings, and mundane tidbits that I encounter as I try to capture what I'm calling, my unscripted life. Happy Blogging.

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