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Two Summer Salads - Panzanella & Grilled Peach, Prosciutto

Continuing on with the seasonal summer eats, I got invited to a BBQ this past weekend. I took that as the perfect opportunity to make something that would be fun to share on the blog. I decided to go with a classic panzanella because, in my opinion, you can never go wrong with bread, ripe tomatoes, and garlic. And since it was a BBQ I also wanted to try to recreate a salad I recently had at Aperto, an Italian restaurant here in the city. It involved grilled peaches, prosciutto, shaved Parmigiano and a gorgonzola vinaigrette. Need I go on, or do I have you salivating already?

My friend Jen came over Saturday morning to help me and we decided to check out the Alemany Farmer's Market. If you live in San Francisco I highly suggest checking it out. It was substantially less expensive than the Ferry Building, which since moving here 3 years ago, has admittedly been my favorite place to go on Saturday mornings... Nothing against the Ferry Building, perfect for grabbing coffee, breakfast, and taking in a little people watching, but if you are strictly going to shop, Alemany will have you covered and then some.

Jen and I knocked out our list in under 45 minutes, the highlights being: heirloom tomatoes (some really pretty orange and yellow striped ones), purple peppers (which are sadly not purple on the inside), freestone peaches (for only $2!), and an assortment of other goodies. And yes I am a total food dork.

So anyways onto the salads! Look how pretty those colors are.

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