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Damn Good Coffee Cake

I recently got to spend a week with my grandma back in New Jersey for a family reunion. Every time we visit she always makes her renowned coffee cake for us to gobble up. The story behind this cake goes back years ago. My grandma had 6 children, the eldest of which was my Dad. My Uncle Paul is the second to last and one time he was home visiting from college where he was playing football, you can imagine his size. He had a friend with him who also wanted some good home cookin' from Mrs. Magistro. First bite he turned around and complimented her saying, "Mrs. Mag this is some damn good cake!" From then, it had been renamed.

So, if you ever want to impress some guests at brunch, make this cake. I recently brought it to a brunch get together and someone thought it was store-bought. I'm gonna assume that is a compliment these days :)

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