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Scrumptious Seasonal Peach Pie

With the stone fruit season in full swing I have been eating as many peaches, nectarines and plums as I can knowing that they won't be here for long! Peaches are far and away my favorite fruit so I have to savor them while they are good. Nothing like a ripe juicy peach that you have to eat over the sink to keep it from running down to your elbows.

Last week I got the urge to go to the farmer's market and bake a peach pie on Saturday. Great minds must think alike because I emailed my mom for her favorite recipe and she said she'd just eaten her first peach of the season that seemed worthy of a pie. I won't pretend this was the easiest thing to make, but just ask my roommates if it was worth it and they will nod in agreement. Once you take a bite you'll forget the time it took and just savor the buttery, crumbly, peachy goodness.  Best served warm with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on the side.

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