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Pitch Reel presented to Ad Agency - Windows 8 - Revision3
This reel was created for a meeting with the agency that handles Microsoft's advertising business. Editorial samples were pulled from various shows within Revision3's network to illustrate the relevancy of our programming to the Windows 8 demographic target. The Regional Sales Manager used this as a pitch tool to clearly and effectively communicate Revision3's relevance to the brand.

Overview Reel - Rev3 Games Vertical - Revision3
This reel was created to showcase Revision3's gaming vertical, illustrating the breadth of content the channel encompasses, relevant audience demographic information, and brands we have worked with. The purpose of this video was to bring in advertising business with new gaming clients.

Case Study Video - Platetopper - Revision3
This reel illustrates the campaign Revision3 ran for a new household product called Platetopper. We worked with Epic Meal Time, one of our shows, to promote a contest to get Platetopper on the shelf of Walmart. The purpose of this reel illustrate Revision3's advertising capabilities and success for brands.
Campaign Sizzle Reel - Ford Tech CES 2012 - Revision3
This reel highlights the 63 pieces of Ford sponsor content I produced at CES which were inserted into 200+ videos Revision3 released covering the top stories of CES. This was used to show the value of Revision3 to the Ford advertising and brand teams.
Coverage of LeBron James Kings' Academy, Spotlight on Patrick Christopher -
Shooter, Editor, Producer
While shooting at LeBron James' Kings Academy for, I caught up with Patrick Christopher. Christopher was a senior guard for my alma mater, the California Golden Bears. This was his second time being invited to attend James' camp!
Coverage of Jenny Finch Softball Academy -
Shooter, Editor, Producer
This video was featured on, a social networking site for youth sports. Softball star Jenny Finch is one of Weplay's professional athlete partners and I covered her youth camp, edited this package, and showcased it to the greater youth softball community of users on Weplay.