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Old Spice Man

In case you missed all the buzz floating around the internet this week, Old Spice did a viral marketing push where the Old Spice Man posted personal response videos to users who tweeted comments to him. Some were celebrities and influential people, others average tweeters, and even a robot. I discovered the campaign when one of my co-workers tweeted that the Old Spice Man had sent a get well video to Kevin Rose (he's been down with pneumonia). It went on for two days, with over a hundred videos produced and posted on their youtube channel. Keeping up with the internet buzz is pretty much our job at Revision3, so fittingly The Digg Reel did an episode about Old Spice Man & did an informal poll of the office ladies involving a blindfold and a sniff test. -- Quick, what is the first thing this scent reminds you of? -- Check out what my co-workers and I came up with: And for giggles, here is the final video entry of the campaign. Enjoy.

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Happy Fourth, Belatedly

It's a tad late, but there's always a little recovery needed from a holiday.  Here's my "Happy 4th of July" post.  Feeling a tad homesick after a busy busy June, I decided to head home for the three day weekend.  The 4th holds a special place for me.  Nostalgia for summer's past, BBQ-ing, water balloon fights, decorating bikes with streamers, and, of course, sparklers! Growing up on a cul-de-sac meant kickball games in the street, hide and seek, hop-scotches that stretched around the block, and in general running around the street with the neighbor kids 'til the street lights came on, which signaled it was time to go in, or mom would come looking for you.  Perhaps most memorable of all, it meant an annual block party for the 4th of July.  Years ago the parents would pitch it to pay to block the street off, then I think they realized everyone who lived there was out, so there was really no point.  The 4th was almost as exciting as my birthday, at least that's always how I felt when I woke up in the morning, with anticipation for the fun day ahead. At first things were pretty chill, just wheel out your grill and cooler and something to share.  Then things got more organized, bike parades, face painting etc.  Then we grew up, started going to college.  New families moved in with younger kids, a new generation of Vera Circle (I think last year they had a bounce house!).  There are still the old faces, neighbors who have lived there for 20, 30 years.  And even if a year went by, just waving when I saw people drive by, I loved going out on the block and catching up, enjoying a summer day with friends. This was the first year since my parents have lived there that no one came out for the 4th.  I have to say I was a little disappointed to see such a tradition not happen.  My mom had this picture hanging on our fridge recently, can you spot me?  Hint, I'm still the shortest one.  Anyways, the 4th of July will always have great memories associated with it for me.  Wherever you were this year, I hope it was memorable. On Saturday I enjoyed a night at the Hollywood Bowl with my family for their Fireworks Spectacular.  Thought I would share a bit of the magic - something about The Battle Hymn of the Republic always gives me the chills.

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Costa Rican Adventure

By the time 2010 rolled around I started to get antsy that I hadn't traveled in almost 2 years. Once the travel bug bites, you have to keep scratching, so I thought about where I wanted to go next. I'd always wanted to go to Costa Rica ever since my Spanish teacher in high school showed us pictures of her ziplining. Before I knew it Kara, Audrey & I were booking our tickets! We had a lovely extended week-long vacation in May, spending half the trip in the rain forest at the Arenal Volcano doing all of our adventure activities - ziplining, white-water rafting, canyoning etc. Such a rush that all was!  Then we spent the second half of the trip at the beach on the Pacific coast at Playa Hermosa. If it weren't for the rain and mosquitoes it would have been perfect, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves - really difficult when you wake up to the sound of the ocean every morning, right? So here is a little video I put together documenting the highlights of the trip. I wish I had more video to include, but I need to get back in the habit of taking it! As they say in Costa Rica, Pura Vida!

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Revision3 Welcomes Me

So I'm excited to be blogging again, sadly I almost forgot how to log back in. Needless to say its been a while and the blog is a bit rusty. But for a good reason! I've started a new job at Revision3. For those of you haven't heard of it, they are an Internet TV Company, producing about 20 shows a week, and growing quickly! They've got a super talented group of individuals putting out really great work, which definitely makes for an exciting and fun work environment. I am joining their established Ad Sales team, and am looking forward to diving in and contributing to the sales effort. With my background in ad sales, combined with my interest in web video and time as a producer, I think it is a great fit, and it is definitely exciting to be closer to the production side of things. Rev3 is celebrating its 5 Year Anniversary this Friday, June 25th with a party and live taping of Diggnation. Even though I haven't been here long, it will great to celebrate such an accomplishment in such a competitive field. If you are in the Bay Area and are interested in coming out, click on the poster for deets!

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Adventures in Design

In an effort to work on expanding my skill set into creative design I enrolled in an intro course to graphic design. I'm looking forward to some more formal learning, as opposed to my scattered tactic of dabbling in ideas and new programs here and there whenever I could squeeze in some time. This will force me to dedicate time to learning something that I've wanted to do for the past year or so, and will hopefully motivate me to continue being productive in pursuing my career interests in new media. After I got over the initial sticker shock of my text book (how quickly I forgot about college bookstores being out of school for only two years!), I was quickly intrigued and captivated by not only its textual contents, but, would you believe it, the design! I guess it would be a bad sign if your graphic design book wasn't easy on the eyes, but it has definitley reinforced how interesting this topic is to me. Given I can make the time, and my projects aren't overly tacky and embarrassing, I will share them here. Hopefully when I look back at the three months of the course, I will have grown as a designer, a creative thinker, and visual communicator. If not, at least I will have increased my knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. And I'll have done something more productive then re-watching season 1 of Gossip Girl on DVD, not that there's any shame in that ;) This image is the professional example I selected for my first project illustrating asymmetrical composition. I'll save my observations for the class message boards, but I do think its worth noting the copy, "Time is change happening." Chew on that for a while. Image taken from my calendar by artist Rodney White I'll leave you with a quote: "Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected." - William Plomer

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